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SPINtv®: Ride with the Rockstars of Spinning® from home!
SPINtv®: Ride with the Rockstars of Spinning® from home!

The Next Evolution in Spinning® is Here

SPINtv® brings the power of the Spinning® legacy and the studio experience straight into your home. A growing online selection of unique rides that you can stream directly to your Wi-Fi-enabled TV or favorite mobile device, SPINtv® offers a diverse selection of routines, training styles, and durations led by rockstar Spinning® instructors. Get the workout you want, whenever you want—even when you can’t get to the studio.


All New Ride Experiences


Boost leg speed and pace with high energy rides designed to maximize your ability to accelerate and torch calories.


Finish strong, energized, and confident in rides that boost strength, power, and mental toughness through the use of heavier resistance and forceful pedal strokes.


Train your body to be stronger for longer, in rides that use sustained intensities and movements to increase stamina both physically and mentally.

Bring the Studio Home

Multiple ride types

Choose Your Ride

A growing library of unique rides with different instructors, routines, and training styles means you can find exactly what you’re looking for: get the workout you want.

Ride anytime

Choose Your Time

Never wait for the perfect class again: whether you’re an early bird, a nightowl, or somewhere in between, your instructor is ready when you are.

Workout Anywhere

Choose Your Place

The Spin® experience you love on any device, in any room, in any weather: Enjoy the ride on your favorite mobile device or TV, and bring the studio to you.