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EU SPINPower® Training

SPINPower® Certification

Real and measurable results through power-based technology.

Spin Membership

SPINPower® Certification

Real and measurable results through power-based technology: The next evolution of indoor cycling is here.

SPINPower® Certification

SPINPower® is the global leader for power-based education and programming in the indoor cycling industry. Our innovation in power-based cycling education and power-meter technology delivers real, measurable results.

SPINPower® Education

This power-based program offers the most comprehensive certification and continuing education training, and it advances you to the next level of indoor cycling certification, setting you apart from other fitness professionals.

  • The principles of fitness training and physiology
  • What power is, how it is measured and why it is important
  • The relationship between power, RPE, heart rate, and cadence
  • How to determine baseline fitness markers and SPINPower® Training Zones
  • Power-based ride profiles and progressive programming
  • How to lead fun and effective SPINPower® rides that makes students feel like champions and ready to come back for more

What is Power?

Power is the amount of work or energy you expend in a given time frame, measured as watts. Power tells riders:

  • How hard they are working
  • What they have done
  • If they are improving
  • What to do next

Power is the most objective measure of exercise intensity, and being able to teach this effectively will take your career to the next level. Learn more about power by clicking on this handy infographic!

Live Certification

  • In-person instruction from a highly qualified Spinning® Master Instructor
  • Connect with local fitness professionals and enjoy two rides led by an MI
  • Complete certification training in one day
  • Continuing Education Credits: 14 SPIN®, .8 ACE , 8 AFAA , .8 NASM