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Rockstar Live Training

Rockstar Certification

Rockstar Certification turns a typical instructor into a true rock star. The course includes both theoretical concepts and practical application of the highest quality coaching methods, as well as the latest health and exercise science information.

Why Rockstar?

Instructors bring a ride to life. Instructors will first review the foundational and scientific principles of the Spinning program, then learn how to create and deliver incredible rides that apply knowledge, skills and techniques in a fun and effective manner. This will take instructors to the next step in joining an elite group of the most highly trained fitness professionals in the world and enables them to provide life-changing rides and training programs to students, athletes and enthusiasts everywhere.

Why Rockstar


Rockstar Certification:

  • Receive, in-person instruction from an experienced and highly qualified Spinning Master Instructor
  • Connect with an MI and other local fitness professionals
  • Work with and ride the world-class Spinner bike
  • Take part in two rides led by an MI
  • Complete your Certification training in one day