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EU Bridge Online Training

Online Bridge Program

The Spinning® Bridge program is the perfect solution for indoor cycling instructors to become certified Spinning instructors. The Bridge brings instructors up to speed on the Spinning methodology

Why Bridge?

The Spinning Bridge program offers a condensed course to facilitate more accessible entry into the Spinning program for instructors already certified in other indoor cycling programs. The goal of the Bridge Certification is to allow professionals who are already certified in indoor cycling organizations to be trained in the globally recognized Spinning program. The Bridge program also serves as an entryway into the SPINPower® program. This program is offered in both online and live formats.



Bridge education:

  • Receive, in-person instruction from an experienced and highly qualified Spinning Master Instructor
  • Connect with an MI and other local fitness professionals
  • Work with and ride the world-class Spinner bike
  • Take part in two rides led by an MI
  • Complete your Certification training in one day


Apply with These Three Simple Steps

Follow these steps to successfully submit your Spinning Bridge® program application:

1. Download & Fill Out the Application – Click the “Download (PDF)” button below to get the official form. Fill it out as thoroughly and accurately as possible.

Download PDF

2. Email the Completed Form – Send your completed application to Please double-check all your information before sending. Our customer service team will contact you to confirm your eligibility for the Spinning Bridge® program and complete your enrollment.